Wow, it’s been so long…how do we feel about it now?

So guys and gals, (and girl and Ctuhulhu of course), it’s been a very long while since the end of True Detective.  I know I promised a little more thought on the ol’ blog about the show, and have utterly failed to deliver.  I could blame a lot of things, but…excuses excuses, amirite?

Anyway, this show is aging into a fine nostalgic vintage in my head.  Unlike, say, Lost for instance, which is more like the suppressed memory of being touched inappropriately in a closet somewhere, TD retains a patina of fondness in my memory.  At root, I think a lot of this is down to the really fine acting and film making for the series.  I still have some big issues with the story, and it’s resolution, but even those elements leave a good taste in my mouth with hindsight.

However, I am still holding out for a show, SOME show, which will deliver on the promise of its mysteries while STILL being able to be a show about ‘characters’.  It seems like every time a show starts to build a mystery, and fails to deliver, its defenders and its creators will fall back on the old canard “It was about the characters all along, stupid!”  Ok, I can sympathize somewhat.  But, I feel it would be great to find a show which weaves an intricate mystery that delivers, and STILL has great characters.  Must they be mutually exclusive?  Or might it not even be possible for the central mystery, and its slow and surprising unraveling to actually COMMENT on the characters, enhancing their development and our understanding of them?  Does a plot have to be mostly irrelevant, or just window dressing for us to have a show with great characters?

I think not.  And so, I hold out hope.  I hold out hope that next time I will enter with fresh eyes, and allow myself to be duped that there really IS something to the world building going on in [mystery show x from the future].  Perhaps even with Season 2 of TD, which sounds pretty intriguing.

I’ll tell you what sports fans, the show right now I’m most looking forward to is another HBO sneaker:  The Leftovers.  It looks freaky and strange as hell, and it seems RIGHT up this blogs alley.  So, we’ll see.  We may re-launch this blog before Season 2 of TD to pick apart The Leftovers until it’s nothing but…well…leftovers? [Cthulhu:  Please PLEASE find better jokes next time around].

So, I have nothing profound to say about TD.  I still wish they’d brought the Audrey threads to fruition, or rather, I wish the Audrey thread wasn’t complete fantasy on my part (and the part of millions of other viewers).

So, until next season, or until the Leftovers maybe, Look to the stars!!!!!


[CTHULHU:  Hey, wait.  I just noticed that someone found our little blog by using the search term:  Cthulhu Meditation and how to gain his favor.  This is perhaps the best day in the history of the internet.  To whomever found our little blog by searching for that, you must know, you have ALREADY gained my favor.  You, yes you, will be LAST among men to be devoured by my insatiable cosmic appetite.  I will swallow all of your friends, family and neighbors first, and leave you for the very last.  I must admit that there is no meditation which can curry the favor of the elder gods.  If you were to even glimpse but the tiniest reflection of the endless void and horror of our realm, the realm you are in fact deeply embedded in yet protected from by your own incredibly tiny and ill constructed minds, your brain would quite literally leak from your ears.  So, pursue this no longer, friend of the eldritch horrors.  However, if you are intent on securing my favor even more, I wouldn’t be opposed to a nice snuggie.  In my size. …..  Do they make those?]



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