More to Come From Girl…

Good Afternoon gentle readers. (buffy reference, go Andrew!),

Girl Here… I just wanted you to know that I’m making scones. Organic, Wheat Free, Orange chocolate chip.  YUM, Right?

Oh… and I will be posting my write up later today… I suspect it will be one in a series so stay tuned… I leave you with this… because while this is over for many (just like the first time Marty and Rust “solved” the case… this case isn’t shut for me. I hope you’ll want to come along for this part of the ride… it’s going to get weird and a little interesting. And hopefully as fun as the last couple weeks have been for us here at GG&C!

And see?  Rust is encouraging us to carry on with new vision…

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.28.39 PM

We’re going to pick over this show like a Vulture on roadkill (a deer of course).  Wow… did I take that too far?  No? Good.


4 thoughts on “More to Come From Girl…

  1. So, here is my new rant, since Girl is taking her time:
    * To me, it was very weak the reason why both decided to work on the case again. Cohle spent 10 years in Alaska and the nihilist suddenly decides to have a purpose? Mmmm… Then Hart is told by Rust: “We have a debt” and he feels tied when he is about to walk out of the bar because the guy who slept with his wife says that? Weak. But… perhaps that is the morale behind what it is to be a True Detective. In that case, I´m not a True Detective but Kudos if that was the intention.
    * I would have placed the Hart and Papania’s scene somewhere at the beginning of the Ep. They put it right before Cohle and Hart went to visit Childress. It unfolded very linear.
    * Again, the new cops talking to Hart about the case, how everything NOW seems to fit perfectly was like “ok, we have 1 minute to wrap this up, before the sentimental last scene, guys”. I didn’t like that rush.
    * I liked that the characters know that they just caught one guy and tacitly assuming “nothing’s ever solved”.
    * I felt that Errol’s gibberish when taunting Cohle within Carcosa was an effort to keep the supernatural within the story. The same thing with Cohle’s last vision. Although I didn’t like the way it was shown I completely understand the troubles that the creators must have faced. They needed to decide between a supernatural villain, a human villain or leave the audience to decide (which is the kind of ending that everybody seems to hate, but I don’t). Even in The Call of Cthulu, as far as I recall (I beg Cthulian enthusiasts to tell me if I’m wrong), a boat, yes, a boat, sinks back the suddenly arisen island which is the manifestation of Cthulian truth. I mean, come on…
    * I watched the EP again and I noticed some stories within the story. Errol asked her “half-sister”, suddenly, like he just have recently known, about Grandpa abusing her. Didnt he know that already? Maybe the tortured father told him that earlier? (another story to be told).
    * The half-sister knows about her father (maybe her father, who knows) lying on a bed and feeded only for survival? Because he asks Errol about his “walk” when he comes back from the hut next door. I mean, the woman MUST know some guy is tied righ next to her house and Errol doesnt seem to have any regret by hiding this, so then why she asks about the walk? why not: “How was with daddy? or something.
    * Errol is talking about him leaving his mark some weeks ago (Lake Chambers?), and I don’t recall but it seems that he was expecting something from that, and that hadn´t happened yet. Did he want to lure the cops into The Yellow King’s Chamber? How so? He didn’t know Hart and he had seen Rust more than a decade ago. What was Errol expecting and what he was planning again? The young boy from the school?
    * Did Errol look some 10 years older than Jimmy Ledoux to you?
    * What did they do to Errol besided burning his face? Was he abused? Well, that is not a long shot.

    Ok, enough of my thoughts here. Thanks for this space.

  2. Hi John… it’s girl here. Sorry man… I had a personal thing come up yesterday in the middle of my research. Everything is okay but my vigilance was required elsewhere. I’m working on like, 5 different topics and today I’m going to figure it out and get one up.
    IN regard to Errol’s seeming wait for something. He talked about what he called his Ascension… I think that is just more cult bullshit that gave them an excuse for Killing girls. I don’t think he was playing with the cops. Or at least they gave us nothing do go on to assume that. I don’t understand why after so many years of killing (pretty 95) that he would suddenly start posing them publicly in the fields. The women were posed so beautifully… compared especially to the squaller they he in. It really doesn’t match up to anything.
    Anyway… sorry for the wait John… something is coming.

    • Oh, nothing to be sorry about, Girl. I just said that because I didnt want to intrude so rudely into your post. I had (and have) all this ideas flashing over and over about what True Detective’s world should be or have and I just couldn’t wait for your post.

      Yes, I remember that now, about Errol’s ascension. He also said: “Come and die WITH me”. Maybe it was cult-speak (“if I kill you, we both sort of die or you still live with me” or some killer nonsense) or maybe he was really trying to be killed.

      P.D. I was reading in other blogs that True Detective’s portrait of women wasn’t the most appropiate to say the least. Well, nothing like a mentally-challenged woman in rags asking a dominant male for sexual pleasure to wipe that idea out.

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