One More Post Before Tonight’s Finale…

We hope everyone enjoys tonight and we want you to know that we plan on doing a week of post mortem work on the show so please join us here on Monday for the a little debriefing…  We can’t wait to hear what you all think!

We have enjoyed the last 10 days of Blogging TD and a good part of that is because of all of you.  So thank you so very much!  See you next week… until then, please enjoy this hilarious video!


3 thoughts on “One More Post Before Tonight’s Finale…

  1. I was still thoroughly impressed, they definitely developed the characters in such a way that made you really care about them and be genuinely afraid for them in the moment, I can say that during the fight scene I was saying (hurry Marty hes gutting your best friend (maybe only friend) then I switched to saying come on Russ your way to much of a bad ass to let him kill (your) best friend, this monster cant keep on killing you have to finish him!and the semi epilog with Russ finding some humanity an light at the end of the tunnel maybe was a nice touch, it made me choke up.Errol William Childress just became one of the scariest movie villains of all time in the same class as Hannibal Lecture and the Clown from Thing (I still never turn my back or smile around clowns). The ending was as good as it possibly could have been with the unreal expectations surrounding this amazing show.

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