Tuttle’s Home for Troubled Girls…

By Girl

While, I’m sure we won’t be finding out much more about the survivors of this cult… I found the very though of how/why little children got involved, were victimized and how many survived such horrible, vile treatment. I wanted to write it all out since it has really been their story that we have been watching all along.  I truely believe that all of the dysfunction we have seen in the Hart Home is in directly relation to the cult but not by Marty’s hand…  But lets get on with it shall well…  this is a tangled spider’s web of conjecture.

So, while we still don’t really know how the cult operates…  based on the evidence, it looks as though we’ve got two camps of children:

The one’s used as currency or playthings.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 2.01.43 PM

These two presumably caught in the wilds of Louisiana or easily trapped in one of Tuttle’s Schools were offerings to LeDoux and his lacky, handed over (presumably) by Childress as perhaps part of the payment for the LSD/Meth cocktail used by the Cult on children to make abusing them both easier as well as anonymous.

And the Ceremonial Princesses.

TD Princesses

They seem to all be blonde, young (very young) girls who are used in the high ceremony rituals such as the one on the videotape. I will refrain from posting any photo from the video in this post but Cohle does say, regarding the girl in the video:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.02.48 PM

I happen to believe that this photo is also Marie Fontenot, a few years later perhaps:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.32.02 PM She appears to be very pregnant in this photo. As well as this other young blonde in the color photo:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.31.53 PM

This leads me to believe that these girls are used, over and over again in these ceremonies.  Apparently, even while pregnant. The dresses look identical too…  even the dress on Marie in the video.  (Edited to add)  It just dawned on me that this ritual looks like it takes place in the spring, typically when most faiths celebrate fertility.  This cult, with its own very large Virgin Mary statuary, may practice a sort of reenactment of impregnating virgins, as if they themselves are gods.  So, this would be a celebration of their fertility…  that they had sewn the seed of their god, or what have you… Colhe mentioned Saturnalia and called it place where Voudon and Santeria mash together so it would make sense to find the Virgin Mary mixed in there.  So this blows things up a little bit in the reuse of Marie Fontenot…  perhaps the photo of her is just 8 or 9 months after the video was filmed?  

So, what else?

We know that Tuttle had a very large extended family.  With Marie, I wonder, were the Fontenot’s part of that extended family somehow? Or a once Esteemed family? Danny Fontenot, Marie’s uncle, had been a star LSU pitcher, a guy who made Marty Hart giddy to meet him for the second time.  Could this by why the cult seemed to use Marie, over and over again in these ceremonies?  Was she somehow special?  Where the girls used in the ceremonies offerings from families involved in the cult while all of the other children who had been kidnapped were just used for between ceremony abuses?  (Pardon my spitballing here… these things are just dawning on me as I write this.)

The Tuttle’s maid, Miss Delores spoke with Cohle and Hart about the Tuttle Family:

Miss Delores: Those days families were bigger. Oh, all sorts of brothers, cousins, kids just running around. 

Hart: Did Sam Tuttle have kids outside his marriage that you know of? 

MD: Hmm!  Don’t you know it. Now, people kept their own back then. I mean, a man’s house was his own. Mr. Sam? He had lots of children. All types.  

Later she went on to say,

MD: He didn’t like a woman…  See, once she had it done to her, he didn’t like them but that one time.  Not after that.

Interesting, her wording there…  “Once she had it done to her.”  As though, he wasn’t doing it.  Don’t know if there is anything in there other than what we already know though…  I’ll just move it along.

So, if Tuttle kept all his illegitimates around, did he perhaps keeps the ceremonial  illegitimates around from the ceremonies too?  Or are they all in the same?

Oh wow… do you guys know where we are?  Yes, we are so far down the rabbit hole I think I can see the glow from the sun rising on the China Sea…

But let us go a little further.

To my end game…

Is this where most of the brunette’s laden with black star tattoos who were abused by the cult ended up?

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.36.07 PM

We do know of at least one prostitute on the show, a Transsexual who was abused at the school. He said he was there with Marie Fontenot but, as he was a brunette and of course a boy…  he was cast aside.


And…  could this be where all of Tuttle’s illegitimate offspring end up (though, Kelly doesn’t fall under that category, as she was rescued by the Hart and Cohle)?  Is this where the girls he took into the fold of his family go when they start to have mental difficulty due to the drug cocktail as well as possible flashbacks of abuse?  MIght there have been a church fund set up somewhere to flit the bill for these troubled girls?  Or did he just fund the entire hospital?

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.57.08 PM

And one last question…  was Maggie born blonde, like her daughter Audrey was?  I’ll follow up on Maggie in a post a little later this week…  As I think I’ve laid a lot out in this post on which we can speculate…


2 thoughts on “Tuttle’s Home for Troubled Girls…

  1. Have you noticed that Dora lang and the lake Charles victim bothhave stab wounds I the lower abdomen where a fetus would be? The house keeper in E7 said that Tuttle Sr only liked them the one time and not after they had it did to them, so he liked virgins perhaps an why the stab marks? Everything is symbolic in the presentation of the body’s at the crime scenes, I believe perhaps that Ledoux and Errol are copying rituals they learned from their fathers an grandfather, I think we may find that its not satanic but more of a perversion of Christianity/Paganism mixed with rural cajun backwoods voodoo.

    • I’ve kinda felt, since hearing the introduction of the King in Yellow, that this is a practice which is pre-christian (meaning not satanic), and probably mixed up with Cajun voodoo. Lovecraft stories (yes I know we are not in a lovecraft story here) is full of old backwoods families worshiping elder and forgotten gods. That is the flavor of what I’ve felt going on here, but we’ll find out soon, I hope!

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