Family Trees

If you’ve read this far, you are aware that girl and I are pretty sure (ok, really really sure) that the Hart family is wrapped up in the cult somehow.  Not Marty.  I don’t think Marty has anything to do with it.  But Maggie?  Maybe as a victim of her father?  Girl has some great knowledge to drop regarding that, so no way am I stepping into that one and stealing any thunder.

But she just sent me this uber juicy screen shot.  Now, this may just be coincidence, but:


They guy on the far left in the video is the same build as Father in Law, and in this shot, is in the same position.  I think that is him.  Girl says he is the one who comes forward toward the little girl.  What a satanic fuck.  Nice find Girl! {Cthulhu:  Are those guys supposed to be scary?  Where are the thousands of writhing tentacles and gibbous eyes?  Amature hour.}

Here is another little screen grab gem I happened to find myself for a change, rather than riding on Girl’s coat-tails:

car ornament

Why Sheriff, what is that lovely grill ornament you have there?

close up ornamentOh my, what a lovely golden crown!  I’m betting they sold lawnmowers where you bought that car….

EDIT:  Ok, Girl just clued me in that that is also neptune’s scepter.  Now, as far as I can tell (correct me internet if I’m wrong) there is no car with that symbol.  But Girl, being hypervigilant as she is, found this link:

Read that.  Holy crap.  So, what to the officers of Krewe of Neptune look like? (amazing find Girl)


Holy hell.


8 thoughts on “Family Trees

  1. Yes this! Instantly recognized it as the Maserati (it does 185, ask Joe Walsh), but am thoroughly creeped out & mind blown by the Girl’s find!! Where to begin? True life Bayou-based references to a ” business man’s” Mardi Gras group that require Masked Men, a Queen (*cough* Cassilda * cough* unmarried Maggie at 19) and Maidens (ahem Hyades?) for gallivanting around during masqued balls (setting for some play about some yellow king?) All for the sake of debauchery with no ramifications on their daily dealings? Why we only need a Camilla to expose it all in a whisper… Oh yeah enter Audrey… (Audrey means noble, Camilla guess what…means noble too woa) and based on your other excellent postings we know she photobombs the hell out of the Hart Home with her hints!
    The depth and levels of ties to the whispered mythos, southern cultural practice and our fated tale are too beautifully apparent to be mere coincidence! Bravo the writing team & Bravo the Girl for pointing out the ” yellow sign”!! Dear Cthulthu help me I’ve drank the yellow punch!

    • Aaah, Maserati!!! (also, thanks asdf for pointing that out too).

      I just want to go on record that this one was MY find, lol! Girl is hypervigilant, but I’m not so shabby either. 🙂 {Cthulhu: Defensive much?} Oh shut up.

  2. Hi Luthien… Girl here… I’m super impressed with your info! Wondering where you got your infer on the Krewe of Neptune… I didn’t find much when I searched. Are you a Gulf Coast native?

  3. To give props where they’re due… Guy gave us the crown and Girl the krewe and Cthulhu the comic relief? Lol Girl nope a Jersey Girl living in Vegas! Just happen to be a sci-fi/lit geek who loves a good allegory mixed with a conspiracy theory. Too much X-Files back in the day. I googled your reference and under the history of the Krewe of Neptune eat 1981 is the whole tale, including the selection of a Queen & her Maids from amongst the member’s unmarried 18-26 yr old female relatives. I know * shiver* when connected with the above. As I’m milling around collecting “meta” data about names, characters & the Yellow King Mythos the above post came way too easy in the early morning hours! Cheers & thanks for the ride!

  4. The trident is Maserati’s badge & hood ornament.

    Given the tendencies to see symbols & attach meanings,
    Any resemblance between the enunciation of “Mazi” (a bastardized/abbreviated name for Maserati), & the daughters’ names: “maizie” and “macie” ?

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