Ok, wait a minute…

By Cthulhu

This is just ridiculous.  First you choose to use me as a ‘clever’ device to make meta comments on your own writing, a chance to sneak in snarky comments aimed at yourself, and now you completely abandon me?  Is that really how much you value me?  I’m just another Dark Elder God to be tossed into the woodshed with the other devil catchers?  I don’t think so.  You’ve angered Great Cthulhu now.  Yeah, I watched last night (well technically I’d already seen it aeons ago since I live outside of time and all…surprisingly we still get HBO).  I was kicking it with Nyarlathotep listing to the new album from the Mindless Pipers of Azathoth when I read your new entries and realized I wasn’t anywhere to be found in them.  This.  Will. Not. Do.  Tread carefully, human cattle…


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