Barbies, Beer Cans and VHS

By Guy

During my morning fishing around the net, feelings are all over the place about last nights episode.  I am seeing a lot of renewed focus on the Hart family.  This has been where a lot of my focus has been for a while now.

Here is a juicy quote from Andrew Romano at the Daily Beast:

When I asked Michelle Monaghan, the actress who plays Hart’s wife Maggie, whether “Marty’s family is still going to be part of the plot” after Episode 6, she gave me a funny answer.

“You mean my family, as in, my mother and father and that sort of thing?” she replied.

I told her I meant the Hart kids, but sure—let’s put everyone on the table.

“Yes, yes,” Monaghan said. “Our family—everybody—is still going to be part of the plot going forward.”

I rest my case!  Ok, not yet.  I know there are some out there who will feel that it cheapens the character development of Marty somehow, let’s him off the hook as it were, if his daughter were molested as a child.  I’ve made it clear I think it is this guy:


“Families stayed together.”  Yeah, we heard all about families sticking together in this episode.  And it wasn’t all warm and fuzzy.  Have we ever heard Maggies maiden name?  Anyway.  I’ve seen people point out (I forgot this completely) that Marie Fotenot’s parents died in a car crash, which now makes me think that Audrey was at the same ceremony we saw on the grainy video, and that she is acting out that same scene with the Barbies.  This of course has a horrible resonance as a piece of filmmaking.  It would mean we’ve seen that same horrible ceremony, the very same one, through three different means:  Barbies, Beer Cans and VHS.  Horrible.  But, why would she have been allowed to live?  We know for a fact that other children were forced to watch what was done in those rituals.  We know that from the girl in the asylum.  But, would Audrey have been forced to see it and then let go?  How could they have known she wouldn’t tell?  The answer comes to us from the boy prostitute we met last night.  The kids were drugged, heavily.  At that age, if you were drugged, you’d probably think everything that was happening wasn’t real, at least your mind would compartmentalize it that way as you grew up.  Audrey could have consciously forgotten the whole thing, and yet it pops back up in the barbie scene, and in her later behavior, and in the drawings scattered around the house.  There seems to be a contingent out there who will be disappointed if this turns out to be the case.  I would find it brilliant.

So where will this lead?  I think this is how this story stays a tragedy for Marty.  If and when he learns of this, it will destroy him.  It will cast him into the same outer dark where Cohle has lived since losing his child.  It will snap it.  It is his version of reading the second act of the Yellow King.  It is his ticket to insanity.  He will probably take a whole lot of evil out with him, but I have little doubt it will fuel him into wreaking flaming revenge.  Can all that happen in one more episode?


10 thoughts on “Barbies, Beer Cans and VHS

  1. Children forced to watch? Wasn’t that by Errol (the lawnmower man) and the two LeDoux brothers on the side? The girl in the hospital said the man with the scar was the worst. I thought they were the 3 that helped get the kids and then used them when the cult was done with them? Why else would there be kids in their meth making compound?

    • That very well could be, but she also says she saw what they did to Billy(?), that they made her watch. And clearly the male prostitute from last night was made to do things and watch things as well. I have a feeling that exposing innocence to the corruption of the cult is a big part of it, hence forcing children to watch. How else did Audrey come up with that striking image?

      • I keep thinking we’ve been lead down so many paths and that many loose ends will be tied up but then realize we have exactly 60 minutes left. That’s not a lot of time to deal with the murders themselves, Papania and Gilbough wanting to hang Cohle, Cohle’s daughter issue, Harts daughter issue, the guy that killed himself in prison, Geraci now being kidnapped….the list goes on. How can they possibly explain it all in 60 minutes?

  2. Girl here… I’m just wondering if maybe Audrey wasn’t forced to watch anything… I’m wondering if, at that age, she didn’t accidentally stumble upon a “ceremony” what was happening on her grandfather’s property. If her grandfather IS involved, who is to say that he didn’t host these type of “celebrations” on what looks to be a sprawling estate?

  3. Anyone referenced the meth and LSD that was found in Dora Lange? That could make the children ‘hallucinate’ or think they were dreaming and why they couldn’t fully recollect what went down.

    • Yeah, Girl and I have talked about that quite a bit, but I realize we haven’t really brought it up in the blog yet. I have one I’m working on now where I’ll spin my theories about the nature of drug use in the cult…

  4. Ok here goes my theo–hypothesis:

    I don’t think Audrey was present during the ritual.

    I think she might have found the VHS somewhere. He grandpa’s home? perhaps, we’ll see.

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