The Fisher King

By Guy

First of, on behalf of girl and I, thanks for visiting the blog!  We had no idea when we started this if anyone would want to read our ramblings, and now people in more than 15 countries seem to be, so thanks!  Keep checking back this week, as we’ll have a lot more to say, both about tonight’s episode, and past clues we haven’t parsed out yet.

In my last post about the Hart household, I pointed out the shot Girl had found with the yellow fishing lure, and tried to tie it in to the idea of Hart’s father-in-law being a cult member and possibly behind the ‘assumed’ molestation of one or both of the girls. {Cthulhu:  You’ve got a real thing for this father-in-law don’t you.  What are you going to say when that all turns out to be baloney?}

Well, one small little thing to add to that, look at this picture in the notebook of Dora Lange:


Well, to me, that little yellow drawing of the yellow king sure looks like this:


Gave me a little shudder.   We’ll have a lot more this week.  If not tonight, then check back tomorrow!  Enjoy tonight’s episode TrueHeads!





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