Home is Where the Hart Is

By Guy

So, we’ve reached our first real disagreement.  I can’t fault Girl, because there is clearly a connection between the Hart house and that Asylum.  The question for me becomes “Thematic” or “Concrete”?  Girl is going the concrete route I think, looking at the two paintings, along with the the mysterious erasures on the door, and finding an indication of a hidden plot point:  A missing Hart daughter.  (I want to take a moment to give credit to Reddit user fdpd611 for noticing the two paintings being the same).

Girl and I had a back and forth yesterday because she sees faces in the version of the picture in the Hart’s bedroom (Pareidolia?), while I think the picture is identical to the one in the assylum.  Want to see how freaking crazy and obsessed with this show we are?  Here is the diagram I made comparing the picture in the assylum to the one in the Hart bedroom:


Yeah, yeah I know.  Get a life indeed.  Anyway, I am certain they are identical.  But, I am following Girls trail with interest.  If she is right, it will be a major score.  I just don’t see something SO left field being introduced in the next two episodes.   So, for me this repeated painting is another of the MANY clues around the Hart household which indicate a link with the cult.

First off of course, there is the obvious symbolism of the name, which everyone and their mother-in-law has figured out.  Hart=deer=antlers.  Also, remember that in the olden’ days, having ‘horns’ meant that you’d been cuckolded.  So, that is yet another layer to the name.

Here is one clue that a lot of people have found.  Look at the drawing on the wall of the Hart kitchen, made by one of the kiddos, just to the left of Hart entering the door frame:


No doubt about it, that is the spiral we’ve seen in reference to the cult many times.  There is also the scene with Audrey and Maisie back in 92 with the five barbies in the proto-rape scene!  That freaked me out when I first watched it.  And then to see it mirrored in Ruste’s little Beer Can men, well, that sealed it for me.


This is the same scene Audrey sets up with the barbies.  Also notice that Ruste has put the stars from the labels on the heads of each of the little dolls.

Ok, so, all of this is pretty well known out there.  Plus the scene where the two girls are fighting for the crown, which Audrey ends up throwing into the tree, and which ends up looking much like a crow of antlers, with yellow streamers.  There are some other good clues too though (and probably a million I haven’t seen).

Girl found this amazing shot from within the Hart house:


A yellow fishing lure which looks like a crown?!?!?!  Tell me that is a coincidence.  What does it mean?  I’ll tell you, settle down.  The only time we’ve seen any fishing in this show at all was at the Father-in-Law’s house.  The two girls are out fishing.  One of them says something like “let’s get Grandpa’s help” and Audrey says VERY strongly:  NO!  So, fishing, yellow lure, grandpas house…

Then there is this picture found by Girl:


If you haven’t been already, be sure to click these pictures to see them larger.  That is the two girls SURROUNDED BY FISHING NETS.  What the hell.  It is a creepy picture to have as a family photo to me.  Girl also brilliantly points out that it looks like they are trapped in one of those Devil Catchers!  So, we have two girls, one of whom is descending into sexual deviancy, who has set up weird barbie rape scenes (which are mirrored by Cohle in his interrogation), is caught at school drawing crazy sex drawings for her friends (one of which shows a guy in a really freaking looking mask), being linked to fishing imagery, and the only time we’ve ever seen fishing is at the house of the rich and well connected Father-in-Law, who at that time bemoaned to Hart something like ‘kids these days are all black make up and piercings..it’s all about sex.”

To me, it is all too much, all to connected to not be about the girls and Hart’s father-in-law, at least partly.  Many of these symbols have multiple resonances, but this one, to me, is the strongest, and best.


9 thoughts on “Home is Where the Hart Is

  1. Yesss!! A clue that gives me more perspective on a camera shot that has been bothering me. In episode 5 during the Ledoux raid, they clear Reggie, and Marty leave Rust to cover him as he explores the shed. The camera gives quick glimpses of tackle, hardware, and general shedy things. Then it pans to the loft for a few seconds before moving on. The shot seemed so specific and I could never cess out the reasoning until seeing your shot of the photo of the Hart girls w/ the netting. There is a similar arrangement of netting in the loft. Is this another Hart Home Clue? Maybe a little easter egg that the girls (or at least one of them) has been to the shed before?

    • Nice Find! Fishing imagery has been all over the place, from the yellow fishing lure in Marty’s house to shots of mounted fish behind important characters at momentous moments…hard to tell if it’s a clue or something thematic, but there is something there. I’m going to have to go back and look at Ledoux’s house for that one!

    • You know, I think we are meant to ask that question. Marty even identified his biggest sin as inattention. By plastering his house with resonances with the cult, the creative team has begged the question, why hasn’t Marty noticed? And when he does learn the truth, how much more devastating to realize it’s been under his nose all this time!

  2. Also an interesting note is that, in the picture of the flowers, that the yellow flowers are in a row of 5 and look similar to heads w/ crowns. I’m comfortable with the fact that I might be really reaching (for Cthulu’s sake is it Sunday yet?!?)
    And regarding the multiple images of 5 surrounding the 1: In Cohle’s sketch book (off the HBO site) we see a sketch of the Dora Lange crime scene. There are 5 of the traps surrounding Lange’s body. So yet another image of the 5 surrounding the 1. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to point that out here. I try to keep my comments on topic to the page’s topic but it is discussed above so thought it might be keeping in theme.
    BTW, I am very confused about the Lange murder scene and why it came to be. It seems to be a very deliberate action to get the attention of the authorities. Totally against the M.O. of the Yellow King’s court, which seems to be very inclusive and secretive. Obviously, it was not sanctioned by the Tuttle’s because Billy Lee sure went flying down to the station w/ his task force to try to cover it up. Also, the fact that the scene is arranged on the day of Cohle’s daughter’s b-day is too big a deal. Another instance where details are too specific for coincidence and I hope very much it gets some explanation.

    • The reason the two ritual murders were made public has to be one of the mysteries answered on Sunday for sure. It doesn’t fit with anything else, unless there was a particular ritual that called for public sacrifice or something, but I suspect it is something different.

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