And I Don’t Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation…

By Girl

Wow Guy… that is some nice detective work you put together there.  I feel like my little ditty here is going to sound silly and juvenile in comparison.  But…  since it is a post about Marty Hart, I suppose he is pretty juvenile.  And thank you for a tie in for my reading girl post…  You’ll have to wait for that…  but let me get to the heart of THIS matter…

So, can we just talk about Marty on a personal level for a moment?  I think we are all worried about the guy.  Sure… he is an misogynistic ass who treats women as property and sex objects and recently blew a child molester’s head off throwing all proper police procedure out the window…  but perhaps there is a change in the air?  Did anyone happen to notice anything clue-like in this scene?

{Cthulhu:  I did! I did!  That stomach soup looks delish.}

Come on Ctathy…  I’ll get there in a minute.

{Cthulhu: I hate it when you call me that…I’m not a girl you know.}

Oh, you should be so lucky.

Anyway, Marty has just beaten up the boys who had a threesome with his daughter and is so sickened he had to pull over and vomit.  And no, I’m not talking about the yellow color of his excretion …  I’m talking about the OTHER thing.  Do you see it?  Do ya?

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 10.10.42 PM

Right now I’m pretty sure you all are kicking yourselves…  wondering, “How did I miss that?”  and others might be like, “Well, there was just so much yellow vomit… I really wish she would stop talking about that…  it’s morning time and I just ate a sausage sandwich and a Triple Venti Quad Mochachini Squirl.” Then you digress and realize why you missed it. “But damn, there was so much of that Yellow viscus fluid, how could I see anything else but that clear clue that Marty is the Yellow King?”

Alright Buddy…  Get off this Marty is King thing…  He might be the king of his domaine but man, if he pukes after beating a couple of kids who were getting down with his daughter… I don’t think he has a taste enough for slicing people in the abdomen and posing them dead under trees.

I’m talking about the heart people…  the Black Heart on the inside of his car door!

Some might say that it is a clear indication that Marty is getting a taste for this kind of violence…  that he is turning.  But come on…  clearly the only things Marty has a taste for is Spaghetti, Pussy and whatever he ate before he beat up those kids on repeat.

What is really going on here is a return to a better Marty.  A truer Marty.  With this symbol he is clearly referencing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  Am I right?  (I mean, Guy totally agrees with me on this one…)  By flashing a symbol of the original Riot Grrrl, he is showing us his true heart from back when he met Maggie and he thought she was the most bitchen girl in the Louisiana.  Marty used to dig chicks…. not only that…  he respected them.  And clearly, He loved rock and roll.

You should watch the video too….  there are clues in it.

Clues that Joan Jett is AWESOME!


10 thoughts on “And I Don’t Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation…

  1. Joan Jett is badass!I love love love this blog is well written and very engaging !I found it on io9 from an article Decoding the Mind of True Detective…I look forward to reading your blog update after the show airs tonight !

  2. I did catch something yesterday while watching episode 1, when they got the info back to iD Dora Lang they noted her residents and in episode 7 when the detective is asking for directions an says (you really now your way around dont ya?, you from here?) And Errol replies (no sir im from) and its the same town Dora Lang is from I just dont remember off the top of my head the towns name.

  3. Remember in E1 when Rust goes on about taking notes cause you never know which little detail is gonna unravel the whole thing! The only solid evidence that will point them to Errol is they know he lived in the same town as Dora Lang an from the preview for E8 Hart is speaking with the new Dective and this little nugget is gonna fall into the convo and the new Dective is gonna realize he met a man with scares on his face who lives in the same town of there victim an BANG! There on him! My theory.

  4. St Martin is the name of the town there both from, I miss quoted there excange a little after going back an watching again,(thank you HBO.go) but the info correct.

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