Children of the Flowers… a continuation of the Hypervigilance post

By Girl

So, Guy and I seem to be having a difference of opinion.  It concerns the mural painting in the mental facility where Kelly, the young girl kidnapped by LeDoux is now residing.  We saw where Rustin Cohle went to visit her to see if he could get any more clues.  He did but it was disastrous as you know and eventually got him in trouble.

So, here is the photo of the mural at the mental facility:

See all the pretty pink and yellow tulips?  lovely, yes?


So, it was guy who was sleuthing on the internet and found that this mural also shows up in the Hart house.  In Marty and Maggie’s bedroom during a scene where they are about to get romantic.  You can see that below:

And please pardon my shoddy workmanship there…  sometimes I don’t notice the video controls in the shot until it’s too late.  But lookie there! It’s that same painting with the Pink and Yellow tulips and the pretty clouds in the background…  or is it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.29.02 PM

I took a closer look at this photo…  Just to see if there was anything hiding there… And this is what I saw:


Closer up it looks to me like pink tulips in the front but where the yellow tulips were…  it looks as though there are faces, people.  And if you look even further it looks to be the house of Hart’s father in law in the background… and what used to be two clouds in the background look like other things…  the bob on the right looks like the out building to the right of the In-law’s house…  you can even see the reddish roof on it.  And the blob on the right loos like that same hart that was on the inside of Marty’s car.  Only it isn’t black like that one… it is white.

And no…  I really don’t know what it all means… yet. I just know that whatever is in Marty and Maggie’s house…  is usually mirrored somewhere in the outside world.  And this photo is shedding some reflection on the In-Law’s House.  We all know what Guy thinks of Marty’s Father-In-Law…  Deep in the Cult and all…  But I wonder why we are getting a connection of The Hart’s house to the Mental Facility.  Why would they have a painting in their house that is almost exactly the same as the mural drawn in that facility?  Why are the writers showing us this?

Well…  for me it goes back to that Door frame where there are names scratched off where once had been happy heights of a growing child.  Could the heart’s oldest girl be in this facility and never talked about?  I know of stories of family members who couldn’t handle their children due to mental illness.  Could that be the case here?  I have no idea…  but I have more clues…

For now, I must go find out where Cthulhu got off to… I worry when he is off on his own.  Nothing but carnage and bad jokes there…

Until next time…  a little something to chew on.



6 thoughts on “Children of the Flowers… a continuation of the Hypervigilance post

  1. Your observations are very interesting and quite unique, girl! I have not seen anyone on any blog dig as deeply as you have.

  2. Could the girl reading ‘The Pioneer’ be Audrey? Or perhaps, she spent previous time in the institution and painted the mural when she was there.

  3. Hi, Girl Here… I don’t think this is Audrey… At the time Rustin was still investigating the case while on the force she would have been much younger than this. I think that the the fact that her skirt matches the Hart family curtains is just a way to connect the Hart’s with this institution. Artistic ability often runs in families… Was Maggie there when she was young and painted the mural? She did say that she was wild at 19. For a time, places like these were where parents at their wits end would put their children. Or perhaps Maggie had a break down for some unknown reason?

    • I like the Maggie idea! Haven’t been able to rewatch episodes so the timeline does get me sometimes. Isn’t Rust interviewing the girl in 2002 after the case was reopened? So, 7 years after the original Ladue killing in 95? If so, wouldn’t that put Audrey around 15 or so? Anyway, I like the Maggie idea better.

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