Hypervigilance is my superpower…

By Girl

Hello, I’m Girl and I’m hyper vigilant.   Sometimes it is a curse, like when I’m at the ER with a friend at 5:30 in the morning, trying to entertain her by dancing around to the 80’s music spilling out of my iPhone when the Nurses walk by the open door and I get completely caught up in their conversation about the contagion level of the patient in the next room and need to stop dancing and wash my hands and steal a pair of gloves from the wall.

Other times, Hypervigilance is a gift.  Like when Guy tells me that there is a show that I need to watch.  I always know it is something that is going to capture my attention and delight me with all sorts of hidden things.  But, who knew when Guy started chanting, True Detective, WATCH IT!   WATCH IT!  WATCH IT!  WATCH IT!  WATCH IT!  that I would find myself taking almost 2 hours to watch a single episode because I’m stopping practically frame by frame to stare at the landscape or to write notes.

Part of my superpower includes getting fixated on certain things I see.  I’ve become very fixated on the Hart’s home.  I am convoked that you can find a connection to anything happening in the show on the shelves and walls of their house.  You all know from the first post that I saw that measurement chart in the door frame.  I noticed that there were two, possibly three areas where a name was missing.  Guy theorized that it merely had to do with someone in the family, probably Audrey, getting angry and scratching out her little sister’s height or even maybe her own height because perhaps it corresponded to some kind of abuse at the hands of someone outside her immediate home.

I didn’t really buy it.  I thought that perhaps the Hart’s had another daughter or son.  And man have I obsessed on it.  I imagine that I’ve brought it up so much to Guy that every time he hears me say anything about it, he rolls his eyes or sighs…  I mean, just the other day Cthulhu texted me and told me that Guy told HIM that I was getting annoying with all of my PM’s talking about a missing child.  I don’t know… should I trust an ancient fictional character?  {Cthulhu: Fictional character? Fictional Character!}  Oh, pipe down Ctathy.  {Cthulhu: I told you not to call me that.}  I know…  Shhhhh….

So, where was I before I was interrupted?  Ah yes… the Hart Home.  I really do feel like each clue is like an arm reaching out to someone important to the story.  And for me it all starting with that doorframe and the notion that maybe there was a kid out there; dead, missing or otherwise.

I decided the other night to examine the door more closely.  So I played around with some photo apps on my phone.  This is how it went.

The original photo: And please click on it to check out a larger photo so you too can see anything strange.  We are totally open to your suggestions to.  I mean, we are all in this together right?

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.06.22 PM

See where there are spaces next to lines?  As if a name was erased for some reason.  Well, after I ran them through some apps I got this:

photo 2.PNG

See there?  It looks like there was a name there, yes?  But who’s it is still impossible to make out.

Then I played with it some more…  and got this:

photo 1-9

Does this help any?  Yeah…  probably not but doesn’t it look like there is a J at the beginning of the name?  Jamie?  James?  I have no idea…  but it was something to me.

This led me to think that there had to be some child out there…  somehow connected to the Hart family.  I felt like I was onto something.  Guy, begged to differ.  But I wasn’t going to let this go…  I was going to sit at my computer and scroll through missing children files until my eyes ble,,,  Oh wait.  That was Rust wasn’t it?  But I was still going to sit at my computer for hours until I found this kid…  and I got a lead…  given to me by non other than Guy himself.

To be continued….


6 thoughts on “Hypervigilance is my superpower…

  1. *Nice* catch! This is especially interesting in light of the conversation between the two girls in which Audrey tells Maisie “”you don’t have any parents. your parents died in a car accident. “You don’t have a mommy or daddy anymore. Yours just died in an accident.” “How” “In a car accident. Someone–“

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  3. Brilliant catch! So is there a follow up that I missed because I’m not sure if I’m navigating this thing correctly (a personal deficiency, not a format issue)

    • We are arranging things a bit differently than your normal blog. We are putting all the new stuff down at the bottom, so that the entire blog can be read like a conversation. There is a new one by Girl called “The Tuttle Family Home for Wayward Girls” that follows up on this one brilliantly.

  4. Hi Roz! Girl here… Thank you and yes, there is a follow up to this post. If you go to https://crazytruedetectivetheories.wordpress.com the posts are in order of when they were written despite what the dates might say. We really wanted the site to read like a conversation but with me being under the weather this week I haven’t been keeping up my end. I can give you a direct link to the follow up too… you can find that here: https://crazytruedetectivetheories.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/children-of-the-flowers/
    Thanks for checking out the site & we hope you want to stay a while. 🙂

    • Excellent, then I read them in the correct order and did see the excellent post in “children of the flowers”.
      I mistook Girl’s statement “I was going to sit at my computer and scroll through missing children files until my eyes ble,,, Oh wait. That was Rust wasn’t it? ” thinking it meant she was actually scrolling through the scene where Rust was looking through the missing children to see if she saw a name starting w/ “J”…Now I’m going to have to go through the scene w/ Rust looking because, I’m w/ Girl on this, there is something to this and I bloody well see that J!!

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