Welcome to A Guy, A Girl and Cthulhu, and a quick note

So, you can read why we started this blog directly below, but since it occurs to us we are setting the reading order of this blog a little differently than many, we should explain what’s going on.  Since this blog functions like a conversation, the oldest posts will always be first, so it’s running in reverse chronological.  To do that, we are having to screw with the edit dates of all of our posts, making it seem like our newest posts were written last month…All the newer posts will be at the end.  After all, Time is a Flat Circle, so we couldn’t have things running in the usual old way here, now could we?  Scroll down just a bit to find all of the content we’ve written in the Recent Posts section, running from oldest to newest.  Join us down this rabbit hole, won’t you?  Also, please note that while we should be working, we are also obsessively writing new posts for this, so come back often if you are inclined, they’ll be new stuff all week (and all day!)

-Guy and Girl


4 thoughts on “Welcome to A Guy, A Girl and Cthulhu, and a quick note

  1. Go back and watch ep1 at the 11:52 mark. Mart talks about jumping to conclusions and bending the narrative. I think that is the whole premise of the show. I think its a cut and dry case. The director has made the audience “bend the narrative” with all of these expert laden clues. My theory anyway.

    • Guy here. This could be spot on. Frankly, at this point, I’m just ready to let it happen. I’ve been drowning in so many what-ifs I don’t even know which way is up anymore!

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