What is A Guy, A Girl and Cthulhu?

By Girl

As you have probably guessed, A Guy, A Girl and Cthulhu is a blog that myself and guy have created in which to give voice to our True Detective obsession.  We are going to use this tiny island of internet space in which to show each other new clues, tell each other what brilliant sleuths we are and to argue about what we think our finds mean.  Because, lets face it, we’ve got someone with deep knowledge of Cthulhu Mythos, et al, who is buried deep in the esoteric.  Then you’ve got Girl, who got her mystery chops in the 70’s watching Scooby Doo, Charlies Angels and Lost in Space…  So what you get is Guy looking for The Yellow Man not as a human but as a god, being worshiped by a number of cult members who have been abducting, abusing and killing children and women.  He is hoping to pull the satanic/occult mask off the face of one of the old ones, one of Cthulhu’s chums…  While Girl is busy scouring the landscape of the show for the tiniest clues as a way to connect the dots and unravel the mystery of how the Hart family got so utterly dysfunctional.  She is looking for the insidious evil that can invade a family and turn it sour.  She doesn’t think it’s a demon, or an old god.  She thinks it is some sort of event that can ruin the very DNA of people and turn them either bad or, in the case of Cohle, an obsessive HSP on a mission to expose injustice, at any cost.   But mostly, she is looking for a guy in a mask, once pulled off will say, “If it wasn’t for those kids!”

This all started with this:

GIRL: Hey, Did you notice this? (The Doorframe from the Hart Family home.)

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.06.22 PM

GUY:   What am I missing from that screen grab?

Oh shit, there is an erased line!

Oh hell yeah, I’m so glad you are watching this show

 As you’ll see, there is some serious hidden shit going on with the daughters. I can’t believe your catching details about that storyline already. You are like a top tier tv watcher or something
 Is it that missing space with the erasing you were pointing out?

(Expletive!) I gotta go back and watch them all again.

GIRL: Looks like Rust isn’t the only one who lost a child. I also think that Doorways will play heavily in this. Especially with the idea that folks have been talking about online… the idea of an invisible world. Being either caught in one or locked out of one.

Ha! I belonged to a Buffy message board in the 90’s and learned to watch for the tiny minutia. I always kept notes as I watched. I need to bust out some paper for this.
GUY: Or, that something horrible happened that someone doesn’t want to remember. Watch those kids carefully, I think you’ll catch a lot of shit I missed but other people have pointed out. You are going to be writing theses on this show, and I want to be FIRST IN (Expletive!) LINE TO READ THEM since I gave you the juice..
GIRL: Thank you by the way for this! This is GREAT!!! Such intensely deep viewing. It’s like mixing Lost with Twin Peaks with Hannibal with who the (expletive!) knows. I never read any lovecraft or the other authors being bandied about. maybe that is a good thing? I don’t know?

And that is how is started… so innocently, so sweetly. But then weird things started happing during our chats…

CTHULHU: Hey tiny, helpless human! I am not weird!

GIRL: Oh, hey Cthulhu… hows it going?

CTHULHU: Oh mythical jesus I’m sickened, truly sickened… this description of you two glad-handing each other, It reads like saccharin and that shit will kill ya… Uh oh… Braaagh! Did you hear that? The babies I ate for lunch feel like they’re going to repeat on me now. Just flippin’ great. I’m going to go lie down.

GIRL: And oh yeah… then the darkness fell upon us. The Ancient God Cthulhu came and started infiltrating our conversations. Shouldn’t be too worrying at all though right? I mean, he is merely a figment of many influential authors’ imaginations… right? RIGHT?

CTHULHU: (chortles from below making the earth rumble and belch up air that smells of baby oil.) Hehhehheh…


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