Is Colin Farrell’s Mustache the Most Occult Aspect of True Detective Season 2?

Hello loyal readers (don’t smirk, I’m going to pretend we have loyal readers),

We are on the brink of Season 2 of True Detective, and many of you are probably wondering “Will Guy and Girl help us to sleuth our way through this new L.A. Labyrinth?” The answer is, uh…maybe. After Season 1, and the few teasers Mr. Pizzolatto threw out about Season 2, I was committed to continuing this blog with Girl when the time came, but recent hints from Cap’n Nic have lessened my enthusiasm somewhat.

At the end of Season 1, Nic gave this tantalizing hint about the nature of the mystery for Season 2: “The Secret Occult History of the US transportation System.” SIGN ME UP! That sounded great, and I was stoked to see his dark sensibility and way with downward-trajectory actors let loose on this fascinating theme. My imagination ran wild with notions of Potholes which opened up into dark dimensions, hidden occult societies infiltrating the police force, and dark motivations behind the never complete lane widening expansion in the narrow stretch between Novato and Petaluma, CA. Oh, and I ran across this news story about a “Masonic Franternal Police Department” and assumed immediately it was viral marketing for Season 2, naturally.

Well, screw that, apparently. In an interview with Medium, Nic says this “was scratched as part of the new story…That was a comment from very early in the process…and something I ended up discarding in favor of closer character work and more grounded crime story.” He goes on to say more about blah blah blah distracting from characters bladdidy blah blah reality world shape blah story snort.

Color me unenthused. Frankly, in my very small and humble opinion, we do not need, ok, I do not need, another gritty, realistic crime/cop drama. Full stop. How many of those kinds of fucking stories are out there, anyway? I’ll tell you. A metric fuck-ton. I most decidedly don’t need to see another.

Yes, I’m going to watch it, even after all of that unwarranted vitriol. But I’m in Stage 1: disappointment. What set True Detective Season 1 apart for me (at least up until the final episode) was the Uncanny element which infused it, surrounded it, and held it close to its wriggling tentacled bosom. One would think Mr. Nic would have seen the utter and near unprecedented enthusiasm such a whiff of the uncanny had on fans of the previous season, and leveraged that into this new iteration. In fact, he led us all to believe that was the case with his Occult Highways of Satan teaser. But instead, it appears he has grown drunk on his own seriousness, and wants to deliver a realistic tour de force about cops, corruption, and crime. Because, you know, we have never seen that before. Like, ever.

So, I’d say I’m reserving judgement, but if you have read to this point, clearly I am not reserving judgement. And so when (and if) girl and I decide to blog about Season 2, the form such musings will take is totally up in the air.

So far, from what we’ve seen in the brief trailers dribbled out from the new season, the most Occult and Uncanny thing about the new season appears to be Colin Farrell’s mustache. It may very well be that said Mustache will take the place of Dear Old Cthulhu as our third, mostly invisible, writing partner.

So, loyal reader(s), stay tuned, and get ready to follow our journey of discovery, disappointment, or pleasant surprise as we see what Uncle Nic has in store!

See you soon!



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