Wait wait wait, rubber monsters? Time Loops?

By Guy

Ok girl, I think we’ve crossed streams at some point. Don’t misunderstand me here.  I don’t want a time loop (weren’t you the one who floated that?) or rubber monsters, or anything like that.  If there IS anything unnatural in this show, it will be super vague, and only referred to in the context of what the cult of the Yellow King believes.  And I think we might get some strange Cohle-esque vision at the end which we can read ambiguously as real or hallucination, but I am not looking for anything like time loops, temporal disrputions or anything like that.  If I were to say what I want, it would be some sweet sweet ambiguity.  The real monsters in this show are human.  But, what are the circling round that would cause that old servant woman to become so filled with holy rapture when she starts talking about Carcosa.  Is that just a child molestation ring?  Just a cover for rapey meth dealers?  There is a real other worldly metaphysically horrible glare at the edges of any scene where someone starts explicating about the King in Yellow, and Carcosa. I don’t want to know what causes them in that, I just want that ambiguity to remain, for there to be a hint of something deeper and darker being worshipped out in those Louisiana backwoods.


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