My Obsession… she’s my obsession…

By Girl


So, I left you with this:


I’m just an innocuous photo of a girl…  reading.  Nothing to see here folks.  Just reading a book writing in the late 1800’s about a catholic mission in Africa.  Ho Hum.  Wait…  look over there… that is the girl from the headlines…  that is where the real story is… not here with me.  I’m just a-readin.  I have nothing to do with that mural, or that grey drawing above the girl of the stone pot that looks like one of those tulips…  nope.  Not me…  Who are the Harts?



So…  as you can tell, this all was driving me crazy.  I researched the book she was reading…  I went through the Hart’s house with a fine tooth comb looking for a connection with that girl.  Because come on… she if featured prominently in the scene where Rustin walks in to interview the girl.  She is right out there, in front of it all…  for everything to see.  Hey…  why does that sound familiar?  OH!  I know…  that is how Guy described that weird alien looking Cthulhu hugger…

{Cthulhu what?}

Shhhh…  not now Ctath!

Anyway…  She just seemed to prominent to me to not look into her more.  Everyone else was looking up her book…  trying to find a tie…  trying to see what that book said about the show.  But perhaps it was about what that book was saying about her…  she is reading a book about the Catholic church, who started a school.  A lot of people consider the Catholic Church to be the biggest cult of all.  (not me, I was raised in the church)  And the Catholic church is also known for Child Molestation.  (I didn’t’ see any of that by the way but I do know it is true.)  So…  why this girl.  Why here…  what is it with her?  And does she have a connection to the Hart’s.

So… I spent hours searching that house for a that book.  Hours.  And then it hit me when I saw a full shot of their living room:



Does anything in this room look familiar to you?  ANYTHING?  Well…  it did to me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 5.07.14 PM


Can you see it now?  No?  Look at the Hart’s Curtain…  Now look at the girl’s Skirt.  Why would the design team do that?  It’s the same material…  just flip it sideways and sew a hem and put in a zipper.  Reading Girl’s skirt.  And why is she dressed so conservatively.  So different from the other girls.  And beyond any of that, why would the writers have them do that?   There is some kind of connection there…  and to many lose strings with the Door Frame Measurements that were erased and this random girl…  whom, if you watch this scene over a few times, disappears in all the hubbub.  Just sort of vanishes… perhaps like she did from the Hart House with just a piece of curtain.

I’m sure there isn’t any time to wrap this up, what with two more hours of this season…  but just like with the flowers that turned to children and clouds that turned into a house and a heart… I cannot unsee this.  It’s a mystery.  Maybe only one that I am seeing but I just can’t let it go…




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