Guy Responds to Hearing Things

By Guy

Somehow, reading the close caption finally sparked me on what I think is going on in that scene!  The girls aren’t talking to each other!  They are talking as the characters!  It is the men, horrible horrible men telling that to the little kid they are about to….oh man, I can’t even write it.  Oh man.  I think the girls were made to watch this scene by the father in law.  We know from the girl in the asylum that some kids are made to witness the horrible things done to other children.  And I know from my own kids that the main way they work through hard things is to play through them.  When I look at the scene this way it makes so much more sense, and I think is the last nail I need to convince myself that the girls were exposed to something terrible.

I feel much more queasy looking at the picture now.  Thinking of those horrible men telling the prone child their parents are dead, while Audrey or Maise are forced to watch.   Oh jeez……


5 thoughts on “Guy Responds to Hearing Things

      • Thaaaat I have just read through. I missed out on a whole bunch I hadn’t realized I’d missed out on and now I feel dumb for posting redundant theories.

      • Oh man, please don’t feel dumb. Feel smart! You had the exact same revelation I had after reading Girls post, and you didn’t need anyone to point it out to you! That’s the opposite of dumb.

      • Heh, well, technically it was pointed out to me by the same person who pointed it out to Girl, so I will settle for thinking of myself as about as smart as you guys though not NEARLY as thorough on detailing.

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