By Guy

When the episode started out with a spinning flat circle, playing us a familiar tune, I knew we were in for a great episode.  I want to get a few quick thoughts down now before I forget them.  Things to follow up on:  The sheriff has a crown on the front of his car…of course he does.  Fishing.  With the Sheriff, of course.  Lots of fish imagery this episode, which I’ll have to pull down later.

But most of all, I am now so sure the Hart girls were forced to watch the same type of horrible cult ritual we saw through the eyes of Marty Hart tonight.   The girl’s barbie scene being mirrored in Rust’s beer can men, which we now know was inspired by the horrific video.  At this point, I’m kind of expecting the show to never explicitly resolve this plot point, but for me beyond a shadow of a doubt it is a part of the warp and weft of this series.

And not to mention the incredible, meta texture to the show of seeing ourselves, these obsessive fans, in Rust Cohle.  Turns out WE’VE been inside that locked storage shed all along.  With the Yellow King, Carcosa and Scars plastered in big black ink, just like they are all over this blog, and blogs and message boards across the world.   And front and center, the Big Clue, the Spaghetti Faced Monster.  Who we finally meet.  And come on, you knew all along, right?

More tomorrow…


One thought on “Digestion

  1. Hey Guy, Girl Here…. I’m still digesting also… so much in this episode. But I definitely agree… my computer looks like Rust’s storage shed. Looking forward to finding more black hearts tomorrow. 🙂

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