The Supernatural: We Gonna Get Some?

By Guy

Early on in the series, when those of us who’ve been steeped in the Cthulhu mythos during our formative years caught the fleeting references to Carcosa and the Yellow King, there started to be speculation on whether this would turn into a supernatural horror show.  Would the great elder gods appear? {Cthulhu:  Your arrogance at thinking we’d appear on a television show, or even allow our likeness to be used is hilarious, cattle.  Besides, I’ve mentioned several times that Girls is the only show I’d appear on}.  Would the Monster at the End be a big baddie?  Would there be a Yellow King?

By now, it’s pretty clear that we are dealing with a cult, which is horrible enough, but not necessarily supernatural.  However, I think the door is still open for something really strange to happen, and I think the writers have given us a back door to allow infinite ambiguity.  Since I think episode 3 we haven’t seen a single hallucination.  Remember those?  Remember all of the trippy shit Cohle used to see, that we as a viewer saw?  That just faded away…

Hallucination tumblr_mzoy1wDK291qclvcho1_500

Don’t bet that it is gone.  I reckon we are in for one mind bending set piece that throws the door wide open as to whether the supernatural has really made an incursion into the show, or if Cohle is having one last killer flashback.  I’m certain this will happen somehow.


One thought on “The Supernatural: We Gonna Get Some?

  1. Definitely right on about this,that swirl/black hole thing Rust see’s in the final will be the biggest debate point of the whole show,was it real? Or did Rust hallucinate it right at the apex of the whole story. We will never know.

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